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  • How to Maintain a Septic System in Your Fort Lauderdale Home

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    In the underground outside your home, septic system are placed as holding tanks for your waste sewage where bacteria breaks them down. It is a must that the septic tank is being cared of. A homeowner has to maintain this properly to ensure that the right bacteria is still there otherwise they would be destroyed — a cause for the machine to shut down. When this happens, sludge builds up, pushed into the drain field and eventually clogs up the entire septic system. You will end up with a horrible sewage backup. This would cost you tons of problem in the end as yes, the tanks can be pumped out but you cannot do this to your drain field!

    By the way, a new septic system costs thousands of dollars, 10x more than the cost of proper maintenance by a trusted Fort Lauderdale plumber. When professionals maintain a septic system well, then expect it to last for more than 20 years.

    As a homeowner, it is important that you know where you tank is so you can easily guide the contractors when you need it. Otherwise they could damage the system if it is ran over my heavy equipment. If you are still unsure, your contractor can find it using a long metal rod to penetrate the soil or through an electric detector.

    It is a must that your tank get inspected by a septic tank professional every 3 years or so especially when there are too many of you at home and if you have a garbage disposal with you.

    Proper care must also be observed such as minding what goes into your toilet or drains. Time and time again, we are all reminded not to flush heavy toilet tissue, condoms, sanitary napkins, paper towers, or disposable diapers. When you own a garbage disposal, do not dispose coffee, grease, or fat in the system.

    Before using any commercial septic treatment, check with the Fort Lauderdale Health Department if the product has received state approval. Also note that some of these chemicals are not as effective and could possibly harm the system.

    A periodic inspection and pumping of your septic system in Fort Lauderdale ensures its usability for so many years, never compromise.